After more than 25 years of experience in different leadership functions mainly in the power industry my team and I can help you in defining and implementing your strategy performing, mergers and acquisition cooperation with startups building up the right innovative culture for the future challenges.

We help managers and project leaders to develop their professional and personal dream profile. Firstly we elaborate with them their purpose/meaning of life and their "BIG FIVE FOR LIFE". After a common analysis of their personality with their leadership and creative potential, we fix the current situation. With a clear development plan and fascinating tools we lead them to their dream profile with a good work-life balance.
Business Development
Mainly with the tool "Business Model Canvas" we document and challenge your existing business models. On the basis of your vision, mission and strategy. We analyze your new innovative products and your innovation strategy. We design with your team your innovation model and processes for developing and implementing your future product and customer strategy.
Mergers & Aquisitions
Do you plan a M&A - project in the energy and utility sector ? We can help you to establish a successful team with your own people, our team and additional partners with a longterm experience.
Transfering Leadership
With out-standing experience in different board and director functions, we are passionate to hand over our know how to executives or promising leaders and entrepreneurs.

Transfering leadership experience

  • CEO of EON Czech Holding Inc Nov 2001 - May 2017 (>3000 emplyees, >2.5 bn € turnover)
  • Marketing and Sales director of Isar-Amperwerke Inc. 1998/1999
  • Head of International Finance Department of EuroBayernwerk Ltd. 1992-1995